The Cause

  • Research. Research and publish findings in collaboration with top academic and research based institutions. Identify definitive challenges and discover viable and achievable solutions to address the wealth gap amongst underserved and underrepresented communities in America and beyond.
  • Advocacy. Advocate for Federal, State and local policy and legislation that decreases the wealth gap amongst minority and underserved communities in America and beyond.
  • Exposure. Facilitate exposure to youth, young adults,corporate executives, veterans and the unemployed to the innovative industries and opportunities of the future.
  • Education. Provide economic, entrepreneurship and investor based education via Kingonomics conferences,boot camps, webinars, coaching and mentorship.
  • Incubation. Facilitate the development of Opportunity Incubator Hubs in collaboration with entrepreneurial companies and investors with the definitive purpose of launching and accelerating start-up companies designed to service these industries quest for innovation and efficiency.
  • Capitalization. Develop collaborative partnerships with funding platforms designed to provide start-ups and growth stage companies with access to capital while simultaneously creating a global ecosystem of entrepreneurs and investors.
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