Level One: The Virtual March on Washington For Jobs & Freedom
A Commemorative of The 1963 Historic March on Washington

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A. Name. The name of the game is JUSTICE.

B. Collaborative. JUSTICE is a collaborative initiative of The SCLC Poverty Institute, Inc. and Kingonomics aimed at engaging today’s culture to pursue their human, civil and economic dignity as they pursue their definitive purpose in the 21st century. The SCLC was co-founded by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1957.

C. Levels. The game will have multiple levels or episodes. Level 1 of the game is The (SCLC 1963) March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

D. SWAG. The “currency” or “SWAG” in the game is: JUSTICE. Justice points are earned by applying the principles outlined in the book, Kingonomics: Twelve Innovative Currencies For Transforming Your Business and Life, Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Examples of the game’s SWAG are:

• Kingonomics – Actions based BADGES OF JUSTICE based on 12 CURRENCIES.
• SWAG – Justice Point currency.
• Super SWAG (earned by donating to the SCLC Poverty Institute global Crowd funding campaign, registering for the commemorative events, purchasing commemorative badges, purchasing Kingonomics print, digital or audio book, etc.)

D. Sign Up. As a part of the initial sign in process, users sign in via email, Facebook or Twitter. Cell phone will be collected as an option. For joining, the game will award users with a FREE digital chapter of Kingonomics.

E. Start Up. At start, users are given the “Virtual Operating Manual” for the 50th Anniversary of The March on Washington. This is the User Interface (UI) for understanding how the app/game operates. As a note of interest, the SCLC released the Operating Manuals in 1963 to provide Marchers with details of how to conduct themselves in preparation and attendance of this infamous moment in time. The game’s virtual operating manual will cover:

• Avatar Creation
• Understanding the game’s SWAG
• Inviting your network
• Attending The March (including registration, ticket purchases, travel and hotel)
• Preparing for the virtual march
• Preparing for the actual march, August 24th, 2013 in The District of Columbia on The National Mall.

F. Avatar Creation. Users will be able to select from seven types of Avatars or Game Characters. The seven types include:avatars

  • Business Owner
  • Politician
  • Farmer
  • Construction Worker
  • Stay-at-home mom
  • Teacher
  • College Student
  • Bishop
  • Priest
  • Rabbi
  • Imam


femalesNote: Each user’s avatar type can be modified by sex, hue, hair, lips, nose, etc. The users can associate with their organization

and purchase a badge from the International Commerce Marketplace.

G. The Journey.

  • Allowing a location services API, the user begins in their respective city and state and will check in so we can map their physical location. Note: Every action will earn JUSTICE points.
  • The user is instructed to read Dr. King’s “Letter from A Birmingham Jail”. This action generates Justice Points and places them in Birmingham, AL within the game. They start in the Birmingham Jail. They have to read Dr. King’s “SCLC Letter for March on Washington” to get out of jail.
  • At this point, the user decides that it is time for them to make a difference by marching in the historic 1963 March on Washington. Via the “Get Me There” section, users decide whether they want to Journey to DC by Foot, Car, Bus or Plane. After they decide their mode of transportation, they receive an alert, “Congratulations! You Are On The Journey To Justice, Jobs and Freedom!
  • From here, the user is directed to the Interstate Commerce Marketplace (ICM) where they can go to a menu of stores and businesses.

H. Interstate Commerce Marketplace (ICM).

Based on the Interstate Commerce Act of 1954, which desegregated commercial businesses on Federal Interstate Highways, the game’s ICM is where users will go to do business, earn and use Justice Points and connect with other mlk_iphone_design_operating_marketplace_7users.

  • Clothing Store. In the clothing store, users can purchase clothes such as marching boots, dress shoes, overall, etc.
  • Book Store. Users can purchase featured books and products.
  • Coffee Shop. Users can read FREE historical documents they accumulate along their journey.
  • Lounge. User can access the game’s chat functionality.
  • Theater. Users will be able to view videos and watch the commemorative events live.
  • Travel Agency. In the “Justice” Travel Agency, they can purchase virtual flights, hotel, etc. Users can also purchase their real flights, hotels, etc. as well.
  • Crowdfunding Hub. Users will be able to donate to the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Opportunity Hub. Users will be able to learn about starting a business, growing a business and gaining access to capital to create jobs and expand.

Note: During the Journey, users can always go to the ICM to purchase and spend SWAG.

I. Waypoints.

  • Geographical. Users will be able to visit relevant geographical locations in the game/app to learn more about the ongoing fight for human and civil dignity in America and around the world.
  • Historical.  Users will be able to visit relevant historical points in American and world antiquity where they will be exposed to significant moments in time that have impacted the human and civil rights movements.

J. Badges. Purchases and interaction within the game will be displayed as badges. Examples include:

  • Reading historical documents.
  • Visiting a Waypoint that is associated with civil rights leaders [e.g. Rosa Parks in Montgomery, AL; John Lewis on Edmund Pettus Bridge on Bloody Sunday in Selma, AL, Dr. King at Mason Temple in Memphis, TN]
  • Completing Kingonomics actions that align with Kingonomics currencies
  • Purchasing a badge that is associated with an organization [SCLC, NAACP, NUL, NAN, National Congress of Negro Women, Sororities, Fraternities, Social Organizations, Religious Organizations

K. Mileage. There is approximately 770 miles from Birmingham, AL to Washington, DC. Users earn mileage by playing the game, earning and buying SWAG, completing the Kingonomics actions and donating or purchasing resources.

L. Obstacles. Along the journey, users will receive text alerts of obstacles that African American encountered along their journal to human, civil and economic dignity. Obstacles are important as all users come to understand some of the setbacks that blacks and marchers experienced in those days. Historical badges are earned once the user move forward beyond the obstacle.

M. Winning. Users win level one of the game when they reach DC virtually. They are then eligible to move to the next level of the game of which we’ll develop in the near future.

N. Goals.

  • Launch in July 2013.
  • Populate with 100K users by August 28th, 2013. 1M users in 18 months.

O. Opportunity.

Opportunity Partnership
Own 10% of game/app Details upon request
Be an Avatar $10,000 one time
Brand a store in game marketplace $5,000 one time
Sponsor a location/waypoint on journey $2,500 per month
Purchase a banner ad $1,000 per month. Ask about discounts.
Feature product in bookstore $1,000 one time; revenue share (to be determined)

Email bishop@inbizdev.com for more information on advertising and partnership.